Singapore Accounting Services (An Overview)

December 20, 2021
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Accounting Services in Singapore


Singapore’s investor-friendly policies have attracted a large number of new companies in recent years.  Owing to the country’s low taxes, the economy is unquestionably growing at a fast pace.   As a result, the need for bookkeeping and accounting services in Singapore has skyrocketed.

Every business is influenced by a variety of things. This covers factors like keeping accurate accounting records, staff development, and resource management, among other things. All of these can considerably improve your business processes if done correctly.

Managing all aspects of your business, on the other hand, might be difficult and overwhelming. An all-rounder accounting service provider in Singapore can resolve all these issues as well as other corporate needs.  This will not only assist you in meeting all compliance and statutory obligations, but it will also help you avoid unwarranted penalties.

In this aspect, having an outsourced accountant in Singapore may be essential to help you with assessing and analyze your corporate finance.  Engaging a qualified consultant in management or taxes usually necessitates a deeper grasp of the accounting practices in Singapore.


What Are Accounting Services

Accounting services encompass the task of inputting all financial transactions, including sales invoices, purchase invoices, receipts, and payment vouchers, into a computerized accounting system. This task is performed regularly, either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. At the completion of each service period, a comprehensive set of financial reports, such as the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Journal listing, Debtors Aging Report, and Creditors Aging Report will be generated.


When accounting or bookkeeping services are required?

Accounting and bookkeeping are closely connected and typically work together. If the entries in a business’s books are inaccurate, financial statements hold no significance. As a business owner aiming for long-term growth, both accounting and bookkeeping services are essential.

By engaging both accounting and bookkeeping services, you will be in a favourable position to accomplish your business goals.


Advantages of Outsourcing Accounting Services in Singapore

The Lesser Overheads

Most often, small businesses may well not require a full-time accountant in Singapore.  Because of the lesser volume of work as compared to bigger firms, most can get by without hiring a full-time accountant(s).   As a result, outsourcing accounting services in Singapore is a more practical option. Outsourcing allows a company to look closer into its finances and plan for the future while freeing up the owner’s time to develop new business strategies.

The Cost-Cuttings

In Singapore, starting and managing a business takes a great deal of effort and time. Outsourcing may appear to be costly at a superficial level, but you’d be amazed to learn that it saves a significant amount of money in the long term.  You can save more money by engaging Singapore’s outsourced accounting services rather than hiring full-time staff.  It does away with the requirement to pay salaries, bonuses, sick leave, taxes, CPF (Central Provident Fund), and other benefits.  What’s more, you only pay for the tasks done when you outsource services and nothing else. You get better services for a lower cost than employing a full-time staff. There is no loss of productivity that impacts employees in that sense.

The Know-hows

Professional accountants in Singapore with high levels of expertise and experience can be engaged at an affordable price through outsourced accounting services. Small companies might benefit from a team of outsourced accountants that are qualified, competent, trustworthy, and prompt with their job delivery.   This group of professionals generally maintains their qualifications, skills, and abilities up to date in order to keep up with the demands in this competitive market.  In addition, external accountants risk losing a project or contract if they cause a big flub; hence they do a better job of minimizing errors in their work.

The Accuracy

When it comes to accounting services that are outsourced, the processing time and error rate are significantly reduced. Accounting service providers generally use sophisticated accounting software in Singapore for greater accuracy. Accounting software cuts down on the time it takes to prepare tax returns, track costs, and generate financial reports.

The Scalability

One of the major advantages of outsourced accounting services is the flexibility and simplicity with which the organization can grow without the need for extra staff. When it comes to accounting services, most accounting service providers in Singapore can support small to medium business enterprises.  There will be no necessity to hire more accountants even if there is a sudden surge in corporate finances.

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The various types of Accounting Services in Singapore

Like it or not, small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore both require professional accounting services as the bigger organizations do.  Reliable accounting service providers in Singapore assist companies in staying on track with bookkeeping, payments, financial development, and other business expenses.  Professional accountants, apart from performing their required tasks, offer advice to small businesses on the best process, investment, and way forward for their companies in order to achieve financial stability.   As a result, choosing the best accounting service provider for your business is essential and critical.  A startup company, for example, may require bookkeeping and data entry services in the beginning.  But it may require more complex accounting and tax computation as the company grows.

By and large, accounting services in Singapore vary widely and greatly, so it’s a good idea to be familiar with the most common types as described below :

Management Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

You’re probably looking for a management accountant if you ever need someone to manage your corporate finances. This type of service typically involves keeping track of your company’s income and expenses, along with handling invoices, payrolls, and taxes. These professionals usually cover other tasks like generating monthly and annual reports, budgets, statements, and other paperwork.

To put it another way, a management accountant in Singapore will assist you in gaining a better grasp of your company’s financial situation. As a result, you’ll be more prepared to make business decisions and other corporate judgments. When it’s time to report and submit your taxes, you’ll be more ready if you have access to up-to-date information.

Tax Accounting Service

Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals (SCTP) is a common title used to describe tax accountants in Singapore.  The job of such professionals is to devise various efficient tax approaches. As a result, tax payments will be minimized by leveraging various tax reliefs and exemptions so as to reduce or even eliminate the necessity of tax payments.

Tax accountants, at times, will also conduct audits with tax authorities in Singapore on top of their main tasks. Moreover, some may even provide assistance in the event of an IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority) tax investigation or tax advisory. Typically, a Singapore tax accountant will prepare a report on the work done after completing and filing your company’s tax returns.

XBRL Financial Report Service

The ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) has mandated incorporated Singapore companies to submit financial reports and statements in XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language ) since November 1, 2007. This computer language has certain characteristics along with specific time and currency terms. A professional accountant, whether internal or external, will often generate your financial statements in this format within a short period of time.  As a result, you’ll be able to send your files to auditors, analysts, and government agencies with ease.

Payroll Accounting Service

Payroll accounting in Singapore is generally more complex and time-consuming, particularly if you don’t have expertise in this area.   Moreover, getting things done wrong in the beginning may result in penalties or serious legal consequences in some cases.  For this reason, many entrepreneurs and business owners prefer to delegate this heavy task to a professional service provider. Of course, having an outsourced accountant to handle and process your payroll data, on the other hand, will address most of your concerns. Monthly calculations, reports, and payslips will also be provided, along with annual reports, mandatory CPF contributions, and other documentation for your IRAS yearly tax filings.

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In a dynamic economic growth climate in Singapore, taking accounting into your own hands may not be the best option. Businesses and start-ups are sprouting up across the city-state, and starting a company is no easy task. The process of registering a business, completing the essential paperwork, obtaining the right licenses and work permits, and filing for the correct taxes promptly is no joke.  All these are time-consuming tasks that cannot be done single-handedly, which is why in today’s Singapore, outsourced accounting services are getting more welcomed and well-received.

At APacTrust, we offer a wide range of accounting services to assist with your tax-related matters as well as other corporate services in Singapore.  Contact us today to get the best quote.