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Singapore is one of the most attractive markets in Southeast Asia for both foreign companies and workers.  It’s no surprise that foreign entrepreneurs rush to this “little red dot” in pursuit of business possibilities, as this country was ranked first in KPMG’s annual survey on being a technology hub in 2020 and second in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index.

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Even though the population is 5.9 million, only 64 percent of the population is citizens, with the remaining 36 percent being non-resident foreign workers or Permanent Residents as of 2021.  This is also one of the reasons why Singapore’s government provides a choice of work permits for foreign nationals who want to work or start a business here.

About Singapore Work Pass

Singapore has grown to be Southeast Asia’s leading economic and commercial hub in recent years, partly thanks to its unique immigration policies that have attracted veteran entrepreneurs and skilled working professionals from all over the world.

Employment Pass in Singapore, also known as Work Pass, are issued by Singapore authorities and allow foreigners to work in the country on a temporary or permanent basis.  Any qualified and skilled foreign individual who wishes to work in Singapore can apply for a Work Pass through an appointed employment agent or an employer.

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All foreigners must have a valid Work Pass before starting work in Singapore.  Employers who wish to hire foreign employees must provide them with a salary set by the Ministry of Manpower, along with maintaining a security bond and health insurance, as per Singapore’s Work Pass requirements. Make sure that any foreigners you hire in Singapore have a valid Work Pass.  Find out which pass is best for you, if you’re eligible, and how to apply, renew, or cancel your Work Pass.

Work Passes in Singapore Amidst COVID-19

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) raised the work pass criterion in August 2020 in order to grow and retain local employment.
In general, Singaporean employees receive priority over foreign workers in getting local job opportunities.
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is one of the Singapore government’s initiatives to urge companies to retain a core of Singaporean workers.  When considering Employment Pass (EP) and S Pass applications, Singapore-based companies must keep two things in mind:

  • Has the company first looked into the recruitment of local PMETs (professionals, managers, executives, and technicians)?
  • Has the company supported the hiring and training of more Singaporean PMETs?

Singapore wants to maintain its position as a global business hub and strive to attract foreign investments from all over the world.  MOM is continuously renewing policies, guidelines, and criteria to encourage businesses to expand and employ Singaporeans.  Having that said, the Singapore government does not shut its doors to foreigners but acknowledges the value of their contributions. Hence, the government is still committed to promoting a diverse workforce and supporting local enterprises.

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Quota Calculator

Use this quota calculator to estimate how many Work Permit and S Pass holders your company in Singapore can hire according to your sector and number of employees.


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Types of Work Passes in Singapore

Singapore Employment Pass

Foreign professionals, managers, and executives can work in Singapore with the Employment Pass.  Applicants must earn at least $4,500 per month and S$5,000 from September 2022 onwards, along with recognized qualifications.  Employers must also prove that they have given all job applicants in Singapore equal consideration.

Singapore Entrepass

The EntrePass allows qualified international entrepreneurs to launch and manage a venture-backed or innovative technology-based business in Singapore.

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Singapore Personalised Employment Pass

The Personalised Employment Pass is intended for high-earning Employment Pass holders and foreign professionals.   It is not tied to an employer and provides more flexibility as compared to an Employment Pass.

Singapore S Pass

The S Pass is another work permit that allows mid-level skilled workers to work in Singapore.  Applicants must  have a monthly income of at least $2,500 and suitable qualifications and job experience.

Singapore Long-Term Visit Pass

The Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) is for an Employment Pass or S Pass holder’s common-law spouse, stepchild, or disabled child.
Pass holders who earn more than $12,000 per year can also get a pass for their parents as well.

Singapore Dependant’s Pass

A Singapore Dependant’s Pass (DP) is a relocation visa for family members of Singapore Employment Pass, S Pass, EntrePass, or Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) holders.   Dependant’s Passes are valid for as long as the main Singapore work visa holder is employed in Singapore.

Singapore Letter Of Consent

To work in Singapore after 1 May 2021, all dependents of foreigners holding a Dependant’s Pass will need a relevant work pass (e.g. EP, S Pass, or Work Permit), rather than a Letter Of Consent (LOC).  If you are a business owner and have a Dependant’s Pass, you can continue to operate your business on a LOC if you meet certain criteria.

Singapore Work Permit

The Singapore Work Permit allows semi-skilled foreign employees from certain countries of origin to work in specified industries such as construction, manufacturing, marine shipyards, process, and service sector.

We do help existing companies in managing their work permit applications from time to time.  Feel free to call us for a quote.

Singapore Overseas Networks and Expertise (ONE) Pass

The Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass (ONE Pass), a new work visa (to be launched in January 2023), aims to draw top talent from around the world to Singapore across all industries.  These talented applicants must possess the most sought-after talents in addition to their special skill sets and expertise to add value to Singaporeans and Singapore as a whole.

Applicants must meet a fixed monthly salary of S$30,000 or above, which is equivalent to the pay received by the top 5% of Employment Pass (EP) holders.   Alternatively, people who have received good recognition for outstanding accomplishments in the fields of the arts, sports, science, and academics may also be taken into account for the application of the pass.


Singapore Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass
Singapore ONE Pass

Employment Pass

ONE (Overseas Networks and Expertise) Pass

For Who

Entrepreneurs / PMETs
(Professional, Managerial, Executive, Technical)

Top Talents in biz, arts & culture, sports, science & tech, research


Can work for one (employing) company. New EP is required in order to switch to a new company

Can work for multiple companies concurrently. No need to re-apply new pass to change jobs


S$5,000 (In General) / S$5,500 (For Finance Related)

(Higher salary expected for experienced / older individuals)

>= S$ 30,000 (in the past 1 year / in new employment) along with ** Requirements for new applicants (please see “Work Experience”)

Qualifying Education

Diplomas, Degrees & Above / or Professional Qualifications / or Specialist Skills

Top Talents in Related field

Work Experience

Relevant work experience needed

** Requirements for New Applicant: must be working for / will work for :
• Established company with market cap US$500 mil /
• Annual revenue of at least US$200 mil

of Report to
MOM annually.



(Requirements for the annual MOM report includes :
• Details of professional activities within the past year
• Annual salary earned from all professional activities)

Job Posting


(To advertise for the same position for 14 days)


Processing Time

Within 10 business days.
(Could take longer of up to 3 months for some cases

To be announced

Applicable Fees

• On Submission of Application: S$ 105 per pass
• On Issuance: $225 per pass
• $30 for each Multiple Journey Visa

To be announced

of Pass

• New Pass: Up to 2 yrs
• Renewal: Up to 3 yrs

• New Pass: Up to 5 yrs
• Renewal: Up to 5 yrs


In most cases, it is renewable if the employing company is in good standing and meet all the conditions stipulated by MOM

In most case, it is renewable if it meets all the conditions stipulated by MOM

Eligibility for
Family Passes

For both Dependent Pass and Long Term Visit Pass, it will be subjected to applicant’s monthly salary

(Can apply for Dependable Pass and Long Term Visit Pass)

Upgrade to Permanent Resident



Comparison between Singapore Employment Pass and EntrePass

All foreign business professionals and entrepreneurs in Singapore should be aware of the differences between an Employment Pass (EP) and an EntrePass.  Both passes are legitimate work visa options for foreign business owners or working individuals who plan to relocate to the country.

Fortunately,  you are on the right page to understand the differences between the Singapore Employment Pass and EntrePass in detail.  They differ in several ways, making them suitable for different categories of foreign nationals. Keep in mind that there are several factors to consider when selecting the pass that is most appropriate for you as an individual or for your own business profile in Singapore.

There are numerous distinctions between the Employment Pass and the EntrePass in Singapore, and this page will most likely point you in the right direction for your application.  These options, however, differ in several ways, making them suitable for different categories of foreign nationals.

What exactly is an Employment Pass?

A Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a work permit for company employees and executives who want to work or have been offered a job position in Singapore.

The EP holder is also permitted to bring members of their family into Singapore.

To be eligible for the EP, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum fixed monthly salary of S$4,500 for all professionals (and S$5000 for the finance sector). From September 2022 onwards, it will be increased to S$5000 and S$5500 respectively.
  • Hold at least managerial or executive positions.
  • A tertiary degree from a reputed university, as well as a solid professional background, are required.

Applicants will typically apply for an Employment Pass if they are:

  • Getting a job in a company located in Singapore.
  • Establishing a local branch of a foreign company in Singapore.
  • Relocating to Singapore later to work for a company that they built overseas.
What Exactly Is An EntrePass (Entrepreneur Pass)?

Another type of work visa for foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a company in Singapore is the Entrepreneur Pass or EntrePass.
These businesses, in particular, should be entrepreneurial and innovative in nature.

Foreign entrepreneurs must own at least 30% of the company’s shares in order to be eligible for EntrePass. Such work visas are also commonly applied by the company’s owner and are open to people of all nationalities.

It’s worth noting that if you own at least 30% of the company’s shares, you’ll have to apply for the Entrepreneur Pass.  Members of the EP holder’s family are also granted entry passes.

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for  the EntrePass:

  • At least 30% ownership of the company is required
  • Present a business plan that shows entrepreneurial and innovative ideas, as well as future plans for local hiring
  • Your company should not have been set up for longer than six months (otherwise, you should apply for an EP)
What do an Employment Pass and an EntrePass have in common?

Foreign business owners moving to Singapore can use both of these work visa options, therefore an EP and an EntrePass are functionally comparable.

The following are some of the similarities:

  • Both work visas allow the applicants and their immediate family to relocate to Singapore as temporary residency schemes.
  • Both work visas must be reviewed and approved by government officials in Singapore
  • Both are renewable and valid for 1-2 years depending on your personal qualifications and other specific requirements.
  • With official government approval, both work visas allow the applicant as well as their family to apply for Singapore Permanent Residence (PR)
  • Both work visas expect pass holders to receive a salary from their employer. As a result, the pass holder must pay personal income tax on an annual basis based on his or her wage.
Employment Pass or EntrePass?

Applicants will typically apply for an Employment Pass if they are:

  • Getting a job in a company located in Singapore
  • Establishing a local branch of a foreign company in Singapore
  • Relocating to Singapore later to work for a company that built the overseas

Applicants usually consider an EntrePass if they are:

  • Thinking of starting a business in Singapore
  • In the process of incorporating a six-month-old company in Singapore
  • Having a mindset of entrepreneurship and innovation as the most important aspects of their business

There are other cases whereby an Employment Pass or an EntrePass might be the best option for a foreign individual seeking employment in Singapore.

In any case, you should seek advice from an experienced and qualified service provider to determine which choice is best for you.
Every situation is unique and may require a solution that is customized to your needs.

Documents required for Singapore Employment Pass application


Fair Consideration Framework (FCF)

Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) will now place a greater emphasis on whether the company in Singapore has continued to support its local PMET workforce or has discriminated against qualified Singaporeans while considering applications for EPs and S Passes. The MOM will sanction any discrimination in favor of foreign job applicants, and companies will have their work permit quotas lowered and may be penalized depending on the severity of case(s)

Employers in Singapore will be expected to give equal consideration to all job candidates and to post job openings on the (MCF) website to ensure that no discrimination exists.  From October 1, 2020, the minimum FCF job advertising timeframe for EP and S Pass applications will be doubled, from 14 to 28 days.

Self-Assessment Tool

This is an online Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) to check if your applicant qualifies for an Employment Pass or S Pass before you apply or renew.


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After learning the basics about the Employment Pass and Entrepass, you should be able to identify which work visa is best for you.  It all comes down to whether you’re a qualified/skilled professional or an entrepreneur.

Clearly, there are other requirements and criteria that you need that aren’t listed above, but answering that question will put you on the right route when applying for a Singapore work visa. Both the Employment Pass and the Entrepreneur Pass are good options; the only question is which is appropriate for you.

APacTrust has been helping foreign workers to gain employment pass to work in Singapore legally and assisting overseas entrepreneurs to set up their business as well as relocating them here for decades.  You can rely on our professional team for the right advice and to support your visa application quickly and affordably.

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